Candle Essence of Canada

Candles with social conscience

Here at Candle Essence of Canada, in Newmarket, Ontario we produce fine, Soy Wax candles with our bare hands.  We also make Natural Insect Repelling Products, Aromatherapy Roll-Ons and luxurious, moisturizing Bath Bombs for your health and pleasure. Our Natural Aromatherapy Candle collection is made with pure North American Soy Wax and Pure Essential Oils. We have created some wonderful essential oil blends that will fill your home with warm and welcoming aromas. 

Our Aromatherapy Soya Wax Candles are scented with Essential Oils, which promote good health by having positive effects on your state of mind, which of course, affects your body.  For example, a candle scented with Lavender Essential Oil will soothe you, kill airborne bacteria and is also a decongestant and an anti-depressant.  You may also like our unique, all natural 'Rock Candles' which are designed to be burned outside to repel mosquitoes and wasps; and look beautiful burning inside for their Aromatherapy benefits.  They are truly multi-purpose candles and only available at Candle Essence of Canada and our retail store distributors in Ontario.

We use luxurious Jojoba Oil as a base for all of our Aromatherapy Roll Ons.  It is a wonderful treat for your skin and spreads easily over your skin.  It soaks in almost immediately and does not leave a greasy or oily feel on your skin.  Jojoba Oil blends very well with Essential Oils and a little goes a very long way. 

Our Bath Bombs are packed with moisturizing Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil.  Dead Sea Salts and Epsom Salts will draw out toxins and soften your skin; and help to ease aching muscles.   So please take a look around our website, check out our products and what they can do for you and your family.

We choose to use Soya Wax for our candles, instead of Paraffin wax because Soy has so many wonderful benefits and is totally environmentally friendly, unlike Paraffin wax.

  • By using Soya Wax candles, you are choosing to support the environment with these truly, natural wax candles that do not release toxins into the air you breathe, like paraffin wax does.
  • Soya Wax is a renewable resource that can be replaced at a rate comparable to, or faster than, the rate of consumption. Unlike paraffin wax which comes from petroleum and is not a renewable resource.
  • Soya is continually produced without damaging the ecosystem.  And every pound sold strengthens the North American agriculture sector and supports our farmers.
  • Our Soya Wax allows greater scent absorption and is therefore, more scented than most candles...and has greater scent throw as well.
  • Our Soya Wax candles burn cleaner than paraffin candles and will not leave black soot on your ceiling...and the essential oils will help to purify the air in your home, as well as other Aromatherapy benefits.
  • Our Soya Wax is non-toxic and burns at a cooler temperature (104 degrees) and for 30% - 50% longer than paraffin wax candles.
  • Our Soya Wax does not stain and cleans up with soap and water, if spilled.  No solvents required.
  • Soya Wax is also a natural mosquito repellent.
  • Our Soya Wax is so pure, when melted, you can use it to moisturize your skin.
  • Our Soya Wax is Kosher Certified showing our commitment to providing safe and healthy products (not genetically modified).  Our Soya Wax is biodegradable and free from pesticides and herbicides.

So please take a look around our website and check out our products and what they can do for you and your family.  If you don't see what you are looking for, or have any questions just drop us a line.  We would love to hear from you.