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AROMATHERAPY CANDLES - 8 ozs.   $20.00

Our of our all natural Aromatherapy candle collection is made with Pure Essential Oils and Soya Wax.  We have created some wonderful essential oil blends that will fill your home with warm and welcoming aromas; and they have health benefits too.  Our Aromatherapy candles hold 8 ozs of Soya wax and burn for approximately 40 hours*.  The containers are beautiful rounded cube glass containers that may be reused or repurposed.  

See our collection below.  If you don't find the scent you're looking for, drop us a line...we can probably create it for you.


Lemongrass has a fresh and uplifting scent.   When burned in a candle, lemongrass releases its zesty aroma and antibacterial properties to purify the air inside the home.  As well as being a natural air freshener  and insect repellent, inhaling Lemongrass essential oil helps induce uplifting and calming feelings.  A great scent to burn while you are entertaining...puts everyone in a good mood.


Lavender is widely used, not to just add fragrance to a room but to help induce feelings of calm and reduce anxiety.  Lavender also has anti-depressant properties.  When inhaled, it can ease the symptoms of migraines, nervous tension and insomnia, promoting deep sleep.  It also has decongestant, detoxifying and restorative qualities.  Burn a lavender candle in your bedroom before bed and create a restful environment for good night's sleep.


Patchouli has a deep, earthy and very sensuous aroma when burned in a candle.  In fact, Patchouli when inhaled, is known for being an aphrodisiac and relaxant.  It can relieve the symptoms of stress-related conditions ad emotional disorders. We have blended powerful Patchouli with playful Lime, as a top note, to help ease nervous exhaustion and anxiety. Wonderful after a tough day.


Who doesn't love the smell of a fresh, juicy orange when it's being peeled..  Orange is a fresh, lively and cheery scent.  It promotes mental clarity, reduces stress.  We have grounded it with Cassia, a comforting and warming scent, to make Juicy Orange.  Enjoy it anytime.


This herbaceous blend will stimulate your senses and your mind.  It aids in concentration and clear thinking.  Great for studying... or staying alert in meetings.  Eucalyptus and Peppermint are both natural, decongestant for stuffy noses too.  Now try the synergy of all three.  Carry it with you in winter.  In summer, you can roll it on to repel mosquitoes too. 


Rosemary is a refreshing and stimulating scent.  Its woody, herbal aroma has anti-depressant, anti-bacterial and decongestant properties much like Peppermint.  Rosemary has a reputation for strengthening the memory and sharpening the senses (including vision).  Long used to enhance good digestion, ease pain and nervous anxiety.  It can also be used as an insect repellent when burned outside.  A Rosemary candle will help you to concentrate and focus on the task at hand.  

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* 8 oz. Aromatherapy Candles burn approx. 40 hours. Based on 3 hour burning intervals