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A little roll on goes a long way...and can do a lot for you.


Our Aromatherapy Roll Ons are designed for use 'on the go' to help you through your day or night.  These wonderful Essential Oils are blended with Grapeseed Oil and are housed in a 13 ml. clear, shatter resistant roll on container, for safety.  They conveniently fit into your pocket or purse and are instantly ready when you need them.  Just roll them on, breathe in the Essential Oils and let them do their work....relaxing you, or helping you to focus and concentrate, or even clearing a stuffy nose.  There's a blend for whatever you need.  $10.00 CAD each.

Here is our new line up and what they will do for you.


Lavender is widely used, not just for its beautiful scent but also to help induce feelings of calm and reduce anxiety, especially when blended with Chamomile.  Lavender has anti-depressant properties.  When inhaled, it can ease the symptoms of migraines, nervous tension and insomnia.  Wonderful at night to soothe you into a deep sleep.  It has also decongestant, detoxifying and restorative qualities.


Patchouli is a relaxant, relieving symptoms of stress-related conditions and emotional disorders.  This deep, earthy scent has a wonderful, sensual aroma and is also a natural aphrodisiac.  Lime adds a refreshing, uplifting top note to this earthy scent and gives it a fresh, clean finish.


Blending Orange and Grapefruit gives you a light and fresh scent with calming and strengthening properties.  This is a revitalizing and invigorating blend that will also aid with mental clarity.  And it smells delicious!


This herbaceous blend will stimulate your senses and your mind.  It aids in concentration and clear thinking.  Great for studying... or staying alert in meetings.  Each of these Essential Oils is a natural, decongestant for stuffy noses.  Now try the synergy of all three.  Carry it with you in winter.  In summer, you can roll it on to repel mosquitoes too.


An uplifting and gently supportive blend of florals.  Very delicate, floral scent.   It is confidence building and softly romantic.