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All natural bath bombs in the 'raw'.

 Coloured bath bombs, some with sprinkles.

Customize your bath bombs your way.


Our Aromatherapy Bath Bombs are made with Pure Essential Oils for their health benefits; Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter for their deep moisturizing abilities; Dead Sea Salt to draw out toxins from your skin; and Epsom Salts for achy muscles.  Just fill your bathtub with comfortably warm water, drop the 'bomb' into the tub and lie back and let the 'fizzing' sensation and essential oils help melt away your stresses, while the other natural ingredients soften and moisturize your skin  You will emerge relaxed, lightly moisturized and the scent of the essential oils will linger on your skin for hours.  Mmmmmm

Aromatherapy Bath Bombs are available:

Individually boxed $5.00 each 


Gift Box of 6 bath bombs $25.00

Choose from the following scents:


Lavender is widely used, not to just add scent but to help induce feelings of calm and reduce anxiety. Lavender also has anti-depressant properties.  When inhaled, it can ease the symptoms of migraines, nervous tension and insomnia, promoting deep sleep.  It also has decongestant, detoxifying and restorative qualities.  Lavender is very calming and stress relieving, especially when blended with Chamomile.  This blend will soothe you to sleep.


Patchouli has a deep, earthy and very sensuous aroma.  In fact, Patchouli is known for being a relaxant and an aphrodisiac.  It can relieve the symptoms of stress-related conditions and emotional disorders. We have blended the powerful Patchouli with playful Lime, as a top note, to also ease nervous exhaustion and anxiety. Wonderful after a tough day.


Lemongrass is a refreshing, light scent that is calming and uplifting.  Eucalyptus is also a wonderful decongestant and calming scent.  Peppermint also relieves symptoms of anxiety, including tension headaches.  Peppermint not only radiates a refreshing, minty clean scent but it's also a powerful natural decongestant and expectorant.  It can help clear your sinuses, ease coughs and sore throats.  


Rosemary is a refreshing and stimulating scent.  Its woody, herbal aroma has anti-depressant, anti-bacterial and decongestant properties.  Rosemary has a reputation for strengthening the memory and sharpening the senses (including vision).  Rosemary will also help you to concentrate and focus on the task at hand.  Lavender will help you to relax


Who doesn't enjoy the smell of a fresh, juicy orange being peeled.   Orange is a light, fresh and  lively scent.   It also promotes mental clarity, reduces stress and aids in restful sleep.  We have grounded it with Cassia, a comforting and warming scent.  Enjoy it anytime.

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